The following provides a summary of the different levels of play (Recreational and Competitive) offered by Santa Fe. Should you have any additional questions, please contact our Registrar.

  • Your child’s birthday must be before July 31 in order for him/her to fall within the age bracket for a given fall season. Example – U6 is the Under 6 years old group and if your child’s age is below 6 years old on July 31, your child will play in U6.  Whatever age bracket they fall within for the fall season will be the same age bracket that applies for the following spring season.  There are restrictions on playing in an older bracket – please contact the registrar for clarifications and/or any special requests.
  • U6 and U8 teams are coed and only play teams within the Santa Fe system.  Games are on Saturdays.
  • At the U10 and up levels, separate boys and girls divisions are offered and the game schedules include teams from outside of the Santa Fe system (under the Coastal Bend Youth Soccer Association). This requires some travel. Games are typically (but not always) on Saturdays. Coaches will be given materials for creating player ID cards and will need to obtain a photo for each of their players. The ID cards are required to be provided to the referee prior to each game.
  • The following levels of play are offered through Santa Fe Soccer:
Age Level of Play Recreational or Competitive
U6 (min. age of 4) Division IV Recreational
U8 Division IV Recreational
U10 Division IV Recreational
U12 and Up Division III Recreational
U11 and Up Division II Competitive


Division IV – Recreational – Under-10 and younger players

Children learn the basics of soccer through positive, fun training sessions that include short demonstrations and lots of participation.  The primary goal of this play level is fun and the opportunity to play. There is a requirement that coaches make every effort to play each player at least 50% of each game.

Division III – Recreational – Under-11 through Under-19

Designed for players who enjoy the sport for the social aspect as well as developing their skills, recreational teams in these age groups are formed through assignment of all interested participants to a team.   There is a requirement that coaches make every effort to play each player at least 50% of each game.

Division II, Super II, Division I – Competitive – Under-11 through Under-19

This introductory level of competitive play is designed for those who enjoy the social aspect of the game and want to continue to develop their skills through better competition. Competitive (DII, SII, DI) teams will hold tryouts that are performed by the coach and/or associated trainers. Games for competitive teams will likely involve more travel than recreational teams, including travel beyond the Corpus Christi metro area.