Contact the Following Coaches for Information on Competitive Teams:

SF U11 Boys (D2)

We have spots for several more players on the Fall 2017 U11 Boys Competitive Division 2 team. We are looking for players born in 2007 and possibly 2008 . Please contact Cameron Perry for more information: 361-876-1262


SF Sharks U14 Girls (D2) 

Please contact Matt Schmidt for more information: (361) 255-9039 or


SF Strikers U14 Boys (D2) 

Please contact Anita Cruz for more information: 361-759-2761


SF U13 Girls (D2) 

Please contact Dustin Kincaid for more information:


SF Fire U16 Girls (D2)

Please contact Dan Heilman for more information:, 361-658-2070


SF Blue Dragons U13 Boys (D2)

Please contact Robert Morales for more information:


SF PC United U11 Girls (D2)

Please contact Santos Ramirez for more information: 361-548-2092


Strikers U12 Boys (D2)

Please contact Grant Couture for more information: 361-774-5880 or