Santa Fe Soccer League Constitution and By-Laws

1. The name of this organization shall be the   SANTA FE SOCCER LEAGUE and will be known as the League for all purposes   hereinafter enumerated.

1.1. The purpose of the League shall be to develop, promote, and   administer the game of soccer among the youth within the jurisdictional area   of the League.

1.1.1. Participation shall be the key factor at the lower age levels with the emphasis shifting to competitiveness only as players reach the older divisions.

1.1.2. The League officers and all other League members commit by their   acceptance of office or participation in the League to the ideals of good   sportsmanship, fair play, and the over all good of the youth.

1.2. Membership is granted to all registered players and their   parents and to the others as approved by the League officers.

1.3. Members of the League shall teach and promote good sportsmanship.

1.3.1. The League will educate members about soccer through   sponsorship of regularly scheduled soccer competition and practices.

1.3.2. The League will conduct such other educational activities   that shall be deemed appropriate to the promotion of the sport of soccer.

2. The League members shall meet annually during January for the   purpose of presenting awards and conducting other League business as   necessary or required.

3. The League shall be governed by a Board of Directors; hereinafter known as   the Board.

3.1. The Board shall consist of officers as listed with   responsibilities in sections 11.A.1-B.

3.1.1. The President shall be the presiding officer of the League and the   Board. As presiding officer, the president shall, subject to approval of the   Board and as set forth in this document, have general direction of the   business of the League. The President shall appoint chairpersons of any   standing or special committees that may be established.

3.1.2. There shall be a first and second Vice President. The general duties   of the Vice Presidents include but are not limited to general administration   as assistants to the President, delegates to CBYSA, field coordination, and   assisting other officers. The 1st Vice President shall assist the president in   matters concerning the operation of the League and other duties as determined   by the Board. The 1st Vice President shall succeed to the powers of the   President in his/her absence. The 2nd Vice President shall assist the President in matters   concerning the operation of the League and other duties as determined by the   Board.

3.1.3. The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of all official   proceedings of the League and the Board; have custody of all official papers   and records of the League; record the minutes of all official meetings of the   League and the Board; attend all official correspondence; provide a complete   list of members of the Board and the League to any and all parent   Associations or Leagues.

3.1.4. The Treasurer shall keep an accurate record and have custody of all   monies of the League; render all just bills and receipts; be prepared to   submit a report at each official meeting of all monies received and   distributed since the last report; pay all bills for budgeted expenses as   directed by the Board and shall at the end of the term turn over all books,   monies, records and other property of the League pertinent to the office of   Treasurer and receive therefore.

3.1.5. The Registrar shall register all League members to include but not   limited to players, coaches, assistant coaches and referees; report to parent   organizations all registrants for registration and insurance purposes;   maintain all records associated with registration and provide team rosters to   coaches.

3.1.6. The Officials Coordinator shall be responsible for coordinating the   recruiting and training of coaches for League games played on League fields;   and with the Coaches Coordinator, schedule inter-League games.

3.1.7. The Coaches Coordinator shall be responsible for coordinating the   recruitment and training of coaches for League teams and with the Officials   Coordinator, schedule intra-League games; and, represent the League with any   parent organizations and other leagues for the purpose of scheduling   inter-League games.

3.1.8. The Team Parents Coordinator shall be responsible for coordinating   parent activities such as but not limited to Team Mothers, awards,   fundraisers, publicity and distribution of information to League members.

3.2. The League shall have Standing Committees for the purpose   of meeting the League’s purposes of prompting youth soccer.

3.2.1. The President shall appoint the chairperson of each   standing committee for a term of one season. There is no limit to the number   of terms a League member may serve on a standing committee or as chairperson.

3.2.2. The Awards and Uniform Committee shall be responsible for selection,   acquisition, and distribution of all trophies, plaques, patches and   certificates; and shall recommend uniform selection to the Board; and shall   with the Board approval acquire and distribute all uniforms.

3.2.3. The Registration Committee shall be responsible for registering all   League members according to the rules herein ascribed to.

3.2.4. The Publicity and Parents Committee shall be responsible for all   activities related to dissemination of information to the news media, information and publicity for recruiting, and coordination of parents’ activities.

3.2.5. The Game Committee shall be responsible for all activities necessary   to assure games can be played on League fields. This responsibility includes   but is not limited to field maintenance, equipment procurement and   distribution, coordination with property owners for permission to use   property for games, insurance, and coordination with coaches and officials.

3.3. Election of Board Members shall be at the general meeting   of the League in January of even numbered years. Board members shall elect   for a term of two years. Terms begin in April 1st of even numbered years.   Elected officers shall serve in an ex officio capacity, with full voting   privileges, for four months beyond expiration of their elected term.

3.3.1. Vacancies shall be filled by a two thirds vote of Board members.

3.3.2. The nominations for President will be the two Vice Presidents

3.3.3. The President shall, during the fall season prior to the election, appoint a Nominating Committee to seek out qualified candidates for all other   offices. Any League member shall have the right to nominate candidates for all other offices and nominations from the floor may be made for all other   offices. In the case of any nomination, the person nominated must affirm, prior to any vote, their willingness to serve if elected.

3.3.4. Balloting shall be by member teams with each team casting three votes,   those votes cast by three individual representatives of that team. Each  incumbent Board member present shall have one vote. At the request of any member team, the three representatives together, may request a written secret vote. In the case of a written secret vote, the President shall appoint a committee from those present to collect, tabulate, and report the results of the balloting. No individual may cast more than one vote per office.

3.3.5. The initial slate of officers proposed under these rules shall be   determined by a nominating committee appointed by the President and by nominations   from the floor i.e. section 3.3.2 shall apply for all offices for the first   election under these rules.

4. Board meetings shall be held once each month at a time to be   established by majority vote of the Board members.

4.1. Notification of official Board meetings shall be made to   all Board members not less than seven days in advance of the meeting.

4.2. In the case of official Board meetings that meet the seven day   notification requirement, a quorum shall consist of those members present and   voting.

4.3. Emergency meetings may be called by the President or by agreement of a   majority of the Board. All members shall be notified of the meeting not less   than one day prior to the meeting. In the case of an emergency meeting, a   quorum shall consist of not less than five Board members.

5. Amendments to the Constitution, By-Laws and Rules and   Regulations may be made at official Board meetings that meet the seven-day   advance requirement. All changes must be voted upon at no less than two   official Board meetings and must be passed by a two-thirds majority of all   Board members.

6. In the event the League shall be dissolved or cease to function for a   period of two years, the assets and properties of the League shall be   transferred without qualification to the parent organization associated with   the League.

7. The League voluntarily affiliates itself with the Coastal Bend Youth   Soccer Association (CBYSA) and submits to their rules and regulations in all   areas involving inter-League competition.

8. The following rules of order apply for all intra-League activities and   where there may be a conflict with the rules or by-laws of parent or   associated governing bodies that might prevent inter-League play or   participation in tournaments or play-offs, the rules of the parent or   associated organization will supercede those of the League for the specific   purpose of allowing League teams to participate in inter-League play,   tournaments, or play-offs; but, will not change such rules for intra-League   play unless properly voted upon in accordance with this document.

8.1. Registration of players and other League members will be limited to   individuals living within the boundaries of the League. Exceptions will be   made according to the rules established by CBYSA.

8.1.1. Each player, prior to January 1st of the spring season or   prior to August 1st of the fall season, must have attained the minimum age of   five years of age. Each player, prior to January 1st of the spring season,   must not have exceeded the age of eighteen years.

8.1.2. All players must be registered and have participated in not less than   five League games prior to taking part in any inter-League play-offs or   tournaments.

8.1.3. All players must be registered prior to attending any team practice.

8.1.4. Proof of age shall consist of a birth certificate, baptismal papers,   board of health records, passport or alien registration card issued by the   United States Government or certification by the player’s school registrar.

8.1.5. Official registration of player shall be deemed complete when the   player has submitted a completed registration form approved by the Board,   provided proof of age if required, and paid the required League fees.

8.1.6. All coaches and assistant coaches shall be deemed registered when they   have submitted a completed coaches registration form approved by the Board   and have approved by the Board.

8.1.7. Exceptions to the eligibility and registration rules shall require   approval of the Board.

8.2. Age limits and roster limitations shall be based on CBYSA   rules.

8.2.1. It shall be the goal of the League to promote competitive   recreational soccer for the benefit of the players. The Board shall supervise the assignment of players   such that all teams are competitive within their respective division. Assignment of players shall be based upon equitable distribution of   players among teams by division. Items and apply to all players that may register at   pre-registration, registration or at any other time.

8.2.2. Age divisions shall compromise players who are, on the   first day of January of the current season, under the age listed as the   division age. Under 19 years of age division consists of players that   are 18,17 and 16. Under 16 years of age division consists of players that are 15 and   14. Under 14 years of age division consists of players that are 13 and   12. Under 12 years of age division consists of players that are 11 and   10. Under 10 years of age division consists of players that are 9 and 8. Under 8 years of age division consists of players that are 7 and 6. Under 6 years of age division consists of players that are 5.

8.2.3. Players shall register with the League and all players   will be assigned to teams by the Board according to the rules of the League. The number of players assigned to a team shall conform   to the current CBYSA playoff rules. For divisions not included in playoff competition, the number of players   on a team shall not exceed sixteen nor be less than nine. Players shall be assigned to Blue division teams by try out and   draft. All Blue division players must participate in tryouts   to be eligible for the draft. Tryouts shall be conducted during the spring season and shall be   supervised by the President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President and   Registrar. Red division, under-12 to under-l9, teams shall each   year be allowed a core of no more than six returning players. The coach of each team shall, prior to March 15 of   each year, submit to the register a list of returning players. Players moving from one age division to another are not eligible   for election as returning players, i.e. part of the core six. The maximum number of players shall be determined by the Board   based upon total registration of players in each division. In no case shall more than 16 players be assigned to a team. Divisions for players younger than 10 years of age   shall each year be allowed a core no greater than the number of players that   can be fielded for play as described by CBYSA inter-League and playoff rules,   i.e. if the Division is allowed to play no more than nine players on the   field then the returning core may not exceed nine. Head coaches may have their child as a team leader not counted as   part of the core. Any player registering with the League and not selected as part of a   core or for Blue division placement shall be on the basis of equitable team numbers and secondly by choice, i.e. recruiting shall be for the League and   the number of players on teams shall be maintained as equal as possible.

9. Rules of play and field size shall be in accordance with the   current rules established by the respective parent organizations.