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Thank you for enrolling your child at Santa Fe Soccer. The welfare of the children is our most important mission and we also work to promote sportsmanship and friendship on the field and off.  To assist with providing a safe environment, we ask our parents to do the following:

  • Ensure your child arrives to practices and games with the proper safety equipment, such as shin guards.
  • Provide sufficient water/fluids for your child, particularly during the warmer parts of the season.
  • Alert your coach and officials of any medical conditions or allergies.
  • If your child requires medication or has a severe allergy, the parents/guardians shall attend all games and practices and have appropriate medication on site.

Parent/Spectator Code of Conduct:

Parents and spectators can be a very positive influence on the game of soccer and are encouraged to attend as many contests as possible to support their children. However, being a spectator is not without responsibility. To the extent to which spectators can be a positive influence, they can equally be a negative force. Parents and spectators of the Santa Fe Club are expected to:

  • Remember that children are playing for their enjoyment, not yours.
  • Encourage fair play and respect for the laws of the game.
  • Respect the official’s judgment and refrain from negative comments. Sometimes incorrect calls are made.
  • Teach that honest effort is as important as victory.
  • Remember that children learn by example and that they will look towards parents and coaches to set that example.
  • Applaud good plays by ALL players, even those on opposing teams.
  • Recognize that all of our coaches are volunteers, so be supportive.
  • Watch for the safety of all players at all times. Be sure to pay attention to injuries, including concussions, and respond to them in a timely manner.
  • Refrain from use of foul language and negative interaction with players, coaches, referees, and all spectators.

Please note that any parent or spectator sent off by the referee or club official will be banned from practices and games for 2 weeks.

If parents have concerns or questions, please contact your coach or a member of the Santa Fe Soccer Board. Our goal is for all children to have fun and a positive experience.

Thank you for your cooperation and we hope you and your family have a fun and exciting soccer season!!